Cruise Critic readers speak out: Short cruises unacceptable, ventilation changes needed

Cruise Critic: Air and ventilation changes, as well as routine COVID-19 testing, regular temperature checks and embarkation procedures that deny boarding to those who have flu-like symptoms are the changes that Cruise Critic readers would most like the cruise lines to implement. Conversely, Cruise Critic readers, most of whom have taken more than 10 cruises — are not willing to cut their vacations short and accept cruises that are less than a week long, with fewer port calls. They also dislike the idea of fewer amenities and reduced turndown service in the cabins, as well as dividing passengers into small groups centered around age.

Quotable: Getting people moving again — in a mask

“From an economic recovery standpoint we need to get people moving gain, and the best placed way to do that in a healthy and safe way is for folks to wear mask. We think travel businesses should encourage the wearing of masks. Many are and we’ve been very clear that we should follow cdc guidance with regards to wearing masks. All we can do is continue to throughout our industry, focus on the best way to bring jobs back, and the best way to get people moving again.”

Tori Barnes, U.S. Travel Association executive vice president of public affairs and policy

Charter cruises pivot to 2021 Las Vegas concert packages

Cruise Critic: Faced with uncertainty over what safety requirements will be in place next year, one charter company is taking a gamble and offering a version of its live music program in Las Vegas instead. Entertainment Cruise Productions (ECP) had already rescheduled several jazz cruises from early 2021 to 2022 because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The two Las Vegas shows — Jazz: Live in Las Vegas and The Smooth Jazz Cruise: Live in Las Vegas — will take place at the Encore Resort on the Strip.

Top reasons to book a cruise to a private island after the pandemic

Eat Sleep Cruise: With the cruise lines firming up resumption of service plans, it appears the goal is for cruises to begin sailing again sometime this fall. Cruisers like us are eager to get back to sea. As you begin to plan your next cruise, we highly suggest you pick a cruise that stops at a cruise line private island. Find out why with our top 5 reasons to book a cruise to a private island after the pandemic.

Comment: People may tell Covid-19 to ‘sod off’

Travel Weekly UK: Basically, in society we rely on social conscience and peer group pressure to enforce most laws. And although I see this working for enforcing the wearing of facemasks at airports and on flights, when thousands of pounds and a family holiday is on the line people may start bending the rules. How many people returning to the UK in the last couple of weeks have actually quarantined themselves for 14 days. I’m sure we all know a few who have not. I’m not immune, and I’m not telling everybody to sod off with their Covid-19 restrictions. But I fear that, soon, many people will be.

Consumer engagement with travel sites dips with resurgence of COVID-19 cases

COMSCORE: After a catastrophic month of April 2020 for travel brands, we started to see signs of improvement in travel site visits and bookings. Thus far in 2020, May improved vs. April, and June also improved vs. May. However, as news began to intensify in June 2020 about rising COVID-19 cases following state reopenings, we began seeing erosion in our travel site engagement metric. Coronavirus news has only gotten worse over the past couple weeks, and the time consumers are spending on travel sites (engagement) has continued to decline into July of this year.

Quotable: Behavioral science can help curb coronavirus spread

“Despite surging Covid-19 cases around the country, groups continue to flout public health guidance about safe practices. Some instances are particularly flagrant, such as Alabama college students reportedly organizing “Covid parties” to intentionally infect attendees. But individual examples reflect a broader trend: since late May, a growing proportion of Americans have socialized with people outside of their own households, with up to a third doing so without maintaining social distancing. It is easy to write off this behavior as a result of poor awareness and the spread of misinformation. But decision science suggests that it may be dictated by group behavior as much as faulty information. Humans are social beings that seek out surrounding norms to inform what is deemed to be appropriate choices. The tendency to follow the “wisdom of the crowd” or make choices based on what others do (e.g., friends, public figures) is known as social proof. To change Covid-related behaviors, we must implement policies and programs that also harness the power of social influence to fundamentally change social norms.”

Dr. Joshua Liao, internal medicine physician at the University of Washington and contributor to Forbes

WTTC launches campaign for mandatory usage of face masks during travels

Travel and Tour World: The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) recently called upon all travellers to wear protective face masks as a part of their ‘wear to care’ campaign urging travellers to show care for themselves and others as a part of the new normal of travelling. The move comes following the ease of lockdown restrictions across various countries around the globe as they have slowly started reopening their borders.

Croatia becomes the first EU Nation to welcome U.S. tourists

Travel and Tour World: Croatia has officially become the first country in the European Union to open for tourists from the U.S. The move comes following the Croatian Ministry of Interior’s announcement that the country is officially reopening to welcome tourists from all countries. Authorities have also mentioned that the country has decided to open its borders for all third-country citizens that intend to enter Croatia for business, tourism, or other personal reasons, alongside Americans.