Rising stars in travel: These 7 countries have potential to become major tourist destinations in a post-Covid world

Forbes: As the global tourism industry struggles in the midst of this unprecedented downturn, many nations around the world are preparing for a boom in international visitors once travel is more feasible – for some countries, this could be their first opportunity to establish themselves as a prominent regional force for tourism. While the following countries have yet to become world-class destinations, the ingredients are all there – pristine natural beauty, historic ruins, and fascinating cultural experiences can be encountered in abundance across all seven of these highly underrated nations.

Island hopping: Ways to make money while living as a habitual cruiser!

Cruise Addicts: If you look up the definition of the word habitual, you’ll see that it means to do something constantly or regularly as a habit. In knowing that, have you ever heard of a habitual cruiser? Not too many have. People who love going on cruises are simply called “people who love going on cruises,” but the habitual cruiser is just quicker to say it.


As a habitual cruiser, that means that you’re rarely home because you’re always on a cruise ship somewhere. And because you’re always on a cruise ship somewhere, that also means that you don’t have time to work a full-time job,  because again, you’re always on a cruise ship somewhere!


But just because you’re constantly on a cruise ship, that doesn’t mean that you can’t generate income while having the time of your life! Did you know those habitual cruisers are some of the wealthiest and most successful people you’ll ever meet? And it’s not because they’re rich or anything like that…

Saga’s new Spirit of Adventure is delayed

Saga’s new Spirit of Adventure won’t debut in August, according to a statement from the company, according to Cruise Industry News.


A Saga spokesperson said: “The Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany, which is building the Spirit of Adventure, has informed us that the ship will not now be delivered in time for our planned maiden voyage. Progress has been severely impacted by the workplace and travel restrictions in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We have written to our customers to let them know and offered them the chance of amending over to the new date once confirmed or to receive a full refund. An inaugural cruise is a very special event and we expect the majority of our guests will want to amend their bookings to the later date. We will continue to work with Meyer Werft on finalising a new delivery date.”

Possible futures for a post-pandemic travel industry, part 4

This series is focusing on how the industry might emerge from the disastrous set of circumstances that the travel, tourism and hospitality sector finds itself in.

The first of four scenarios – Travel swings back to normal in 2021 – was followed by a second idea: The end of mass tourism as we know it. The third was: Big is beautiful in the new travel order.

Phocuswire continues with the next and final theory: Scenario 4: Travel moves from atoms to bits.

What the 2020 summer cruise season will look like

The summer cruise season should be well underway by now, with hundreds of thousands of passengers reveling in the sun, eating some of the best food they’ve ever tasted, and visiting amazing ports of call, reports Travel Pulse.


The global spread of the coronavirus pandemic changed all that, playing havoc with the entire industry, shutting down ships and causing financial hardship among virtually every cruise line.

After more than two months, there is some optimism as countries around the world begin the process of reopening their respective borders and economies. But cruising will change, to be sure.

Canada bans cruise ships until October 31

In a press release issued this morning, the Canadian Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, announced that cruise ships with overnight accommodations allowed to carry more than 100 persons are prohibited from operating in Canadian waters until October 31, 2020, reports Porthole. The news comes as other popular cruise destinations throughout Central America and the Caribbean are beginning to open their doors to tourists.