Hugs and kiss as families FINALLY welcome Brit cruise liner crew home after 64 days stranded at sea

After almost ten weeks at sea Royal Caribbean Cruises chartered a plane from BA to finally bring 140 members of staff home, reports The Sun.


Joyful family members squealed as they rushed to hug them as they came into Arrivals in Heathrow just after 2pm.


One woman burst into tears as she embraced her daughter.


The Celebrity cruise staff spoke of their relief to finally be back in the UK after their weeks-long ordeal.


One member of entertainment staff, who didn’t want to be named, told The Sun: “I’m so happy to be back. We had our hopes up so many times that we’d get back so I’m so relieved to finally be here. We had to isolate in our cabins, it got so boring. It was really difficult and we weren’t given a lot of information. “

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