Island hopping: Ways to make money while living as a habitual cruiser!

Cruise Addicts: If you look up the definition of the word habitual, you’ll see that it means to do something constantly or regularly as a habit. In knowing that, have you ever heard of a habitual cruiser? Not too many have. People who love going on cruises are simply called “people who love going on cruises,” but the habitual cruiser is just quicker to say it.


As a habitual cruiser, that means that you’re rarely home because you’re always on a cruise ship somewhere. And because you’re always on a cruise ship somewhere, that also means that you don’t have time to work a full-time job,  because again, you’re always on a cruise ship somewhere!


But just because you’re constantly on a cruise ship, that doesn’t mean that you can’t generate income while having the time of your life! Did you know those habitual cruisers are some of the wealthiest and most successful people you’ll ever meet? And it’s not because they’re rich or anything like that…

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