Italy lets millions back to work, US restrictions easing up

Italy started stirring Monday, with millions allowed back to work as Europe’s longest coronavirus lockdown started easing, while the U.S. took halting steps to lift some restrictions even as tens of thousands of new cases were reported every day, NBC 15 reported In Washington, the Senate convened for the first time since March. The Supreme Court heard arguments by telephone and allowed the world to listen in live — for the first time ever.

“We’re being kept against our will”, Portuguese mount hunger strike on Japanese cruise ship

Two Portuguese crewmembers, stuck on the Costa Atlântica cruise ship in Nagasaki, Japan, have mounted a hunger-strike in a bid to finally be released from their misery, according to Portugal Resident. “We’re being kept against our will”, said Pedro Almas, talking to Observador online. “We’ve been stuck in our cabins for 22 days, with no cleaning or change of sheets. This is treating people like animals.

Pandemic upends life on isolated, idyllic Galapagos Islands

Before the coronavirus, sudden life-threatening ailments among tourists, fishermen and others on the Galapagos Islands were considered so rare that hospitals didn’t have a single intensive care unit bed, reports the Washington Post. Now, officials are racing to equip medical teams on the remote islands with breathing machines while also trying to stanch an economic crisis that has left many of the 30,000 residents jobless.