Quotable: Travelers may need health certificate

“You’re going to have to carry a proof of health certificate, a digital certificate, that will be on your watch or on your phone. If I’m carrying the right proof of health status on my wearable, I’m just going to walk right through, everything’s cool. If I have a fever, it’s going to be yellow.” 

James Canton calls himself a futurist — someone who looks ahead to upcoming trends. He runs a San Francisco-based think tank called Institute for Global Futures. He predicts you may be asked to show that certificate when entering a mall or before boarding a plane. Tourist attractions may require it, places like amusement parks. Even entire cities and countries.


Quotable: I understand the risks, but I’m ready to travel again

“Until there is a vaccine or more information on antibodies, everyone is going to have to make their own personal risk assessment for everything they do in life, whether it is going to the grocery store or having dinner with friends. I think we should respect each other’s decisions, and refrain from travel shaming. For those who choose not to travel or are unable to, I fully respect that. If I were older with more risk factors and no antibodies, I would probably be doing the same.”

Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of The Points Guy

Quotable: We are in for a bumpy ride

“Whatever you remember pre-corona will no longer be the case. The world has changed, and those who are unable to change accordingly will be left in history’s dustbin. Those companies that can pivot and recreate their own existence will thrive. Those that do not learn from history may not even be around to repeat their errors. Fasten your seat belt, dear reader, we are in for a bumpy ride.”

Mark Feldman, CEO of Ziontours, Jerusalem.

Quotable: NCLH seen as a long-term winner

“NCLH is a high-risk/high-reward trade during the short and medium-term. Longer-term, however, while peak demand is likely impaired and peak earnings power has certainly been reduced, we believe NCLH has positioned itself to eventually emerge from the pandemic and ultimately flourish, and as such the 75% YTD decline is significantly overdone.”

Analyst James Hardiman, who predicts a 2022 EPS estimate of $0.97, which looks solid in today’s environment, but is far short of the 2019 EPS mark of $5.09.

Quotable: Arnold Donald on Carnival Corp.’s latest measures to ‘strengthen liquidity’

“Taking these extremely difficult employee actions involving our highly dedicated workforce is a very tough thing to do. Unfortunately, it’s necessary, given the current low level of guest operations and to further endure this pause. We care deeply about all our employees and understanding the impact this is having on so many strengthens our resolve to do everything we can to return to operations when the time is right. We look forward to the day when many of those impacted are returning to work with us and we look forward to the day, when appropriate, that once again our ships and crew are delighting millions of people at sea and we can be there for the many nations and millions of people who depend on the cruise industry for their livelihood.”

—  Arnold Donald, Carnival Corporation & plc president & CEO, announcing a combination of layoffs, furloughs, reduced work weeks and salary reductions across the company, including senior management.

Quotable: Frank Del Rio on NCLH’s first-quarter earnings

 “Our guests continue to demonstrate their desire for cruise vacations, and we continue to experience demand for voyages further in the future across our three brands. As we prepare to resume sailings, we are working around the clock alongside U.S. and global public health agencies and governments to develop and implement the next level of enhanced cruise health and safety standards.”

— Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., during the company’s disappointing first-quarter earnings report.

Marketing will be critical to recovery

“History has shown that marketing is an essential part of the economy and it will be critical to recovery efforts after this crisis. Perhaps now more than ever, after a decade of vast change in the industry, marketers are prepared to deliver one of the most sophisticated turnaround efforts we’ve ever seen.”

— Mark Penn, chairman and CEO of MDC Partners and the Stagwell Group, on Fox Business.