Disney cruise ship to dock Cozumel with repatriated Mexican passengers

A Disney cruise ship is scheduled to dock at the Punta Langosta pier of Cozumel carrying Mexican passengers who will leave the island and be flown back to their places of origin, according to Riviera Maya News. Cozumel mayor Pedro Joaquín Delbouis announced on Thursday, the Disney Fantasy cruise ship will arrive at the Punta Langosta pier with 68 Mexican passengers, 15 of whom are from Quintana Roo.

The middle airplane seat, which everyone already hates, stokes even more fury in the COVID-19 era

Fast Company: Weiss’s Twitter thread sparked outrage and debate around the dreaded middle seat, which already had very few fans, even before the global pandemic. Weiss wrote that he had received an email from United saying middle seats were supposed to be blocked in an effort to ensure the safety of travelers during the pandemic. Clearly they were not.

Marketing will be critical to recovery

“History has shown that marketing is an essential part of the economy and it will be critical to recovery efforts after this crisis. Perhaps now more than ever, after a decade of vast change in the industry, marketers are prepared to deliver one of the most sophisticated turnaround efforts we’ve ever seen.”

— Mark Penn, chairman and CEO of MDC Partners and the Stagwell Group, on Fox Business.