Norway updates travel guidance, opens to most European countries

Forbes: The Norwegian government has revised its coronavirus travel restrictions, allowing people from many European (EU/EEA/Schengen) countries including the U.K. to visit Norway with no quarantine requirement from July 15. However, residents of Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Luxembourg remain excluded due to the high rate of infection in those countries. With the exception of residents of Kronoberg, Skåne and Blekinge, Sweden also remains excluded.

A cruise with no port calls? In the new era of COVID, one line is about to try it

The Points Guy: Would you take a 14-day cruise that didn’t include a single port call? That’s the temporary solution that one Europe-based cruise company has dreamed up to solve the problem of how to offer trips in an era of coronavirus-related port restrictions. Norwegian expedition cruise company Hurtigruten this week is beginning 14-day sailings from Hamburg, Germany, to the Norwegian coast that — for now — won’t include a single port stop.

SeaDream Yacht Club resumes sailing

Travel Daily News: SeaDream’s first Norwegian voyage set sail from Oslo on Saturday, June 20th. This marks the start of the first luxury line in the world to resume operations since March 2020.  SeaDream’s Norwegian voyages have sparked an overwhelming excitement. The company had initially plan to sail in Norway with only one ship, SeaDream I, for 9 voyages. After the first voyages started quickly selling out, SeaDream made the decision to add SeaDream II to double capacity and meet the overwhelming demand.

Norway launches first ocean cruise since pandemic lockdown

Yahoo Style: There will be sunshine in the City of Rain today as the Hurtigruten ship Finnmarken sets off on a familiar 34-port journey from Bergen along the Norwegian coast to Kirkenes. But it’s not the warm day and blue skies that will be putting a smile on the face of 200 passengers boarding the 18-year-old ship that will glide past more than a hundred fjords and a thousand mountains as it serves as a ferry and tourism service for the scattered communities. The 12-day voyage will be the first ocean-going cruise to sail since the coronavirus outbreak shut down the industry worldwide.

SeaDream Yacht Club to resume sailing in Norway on June 20

Travel Pulse: SeaDream Yacht Club, which paused operations in March, plans to start sailing again June 20 in Norway.


The nine new Norwegian voyages on SeaDream I through September include destinations hand-picked by SeaDream’s Norwegian founder and owner, Atle Brynestad.

The Norway program includes seven-day voyages between Oslo and Bergen and a 12-day voyage from Oslo to Tromsø and back – with three days in Lofoten, one of Norway’s premier destinations. SeaDream will offer new Yachting Land Adventures so guests can fully experience each port.