Their cruises were canceled months ago. These customers are still waiting on refunds.

USA Today: While many cruise customers are missing out on refunds because of a technicality that says they only get their money back if the cruise line cancels their trip first, those who have been promised refunds have faced extensive waits to receive their money back – well outside the time window in which the cruise lines said their refunds would be processed.

Tui customers remain angry over lack of coronavirus refunds

Six days after the boss of Britain’s biggest holiday company admitted blunders over refunds, disappointed customers are continuing to complain about delays getting their money back, according to MSN.


Tui has had to cancel more package trips than any other firm because of the coronavirus pandemic.


On 21 May, the managing director, Andrew Flintham, sent an email to hundreds of thousands of customers, saying: “I’d like to apologise for the frustration you may have felt. I’d like to assure you that we’re dedicated to doing everything we can to make things better.”

Cruise lines explain delayed refunds

Why are cruise refunds taking so long to process? That’s a looming question that a lot have been asking over the past two months, asserts Cruise Radio. As the number of people awaiting refunds on canceled sailings continues to grow, the cruise lines are addressing the backlog. While it’s not necessarily what people want to hear, what’s being said boils down to “be patient.”

Why Are Future Cruise Credits and Refunds Taking so Long?

With cruise lines around the world canceling sailings into the summer and beyond as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many cruisers are wondering why the process of issuing Future Cruise Credits, also known as FCCs, and refunds for affected voyages is taking so long, according to Cruise Critic. While there’s no one reason, the answer primarily comes down to volume. Under normal circumstances, receiving a refund from a canceled cruise can take several days to a few weeks to process.