Today’s Takeaways 7-31-20

Bak to the eastern Med • Boomers lose a year • Baja’s in biz • Carnival Pinnacle — an idea whose time never came • 40% of travel destinations have eased restrictions • What the experts have learned about COID-19 • A world without tourism is a sad place, indeed • Critics pan ‘hygiene theater’ • What’s a new port without cruise ships? Ask Ketchikan • Hurricane Isaias making ships move •

Today’s Takeaways 7-30-20

MSC gets into shipbuilding • “Royal” is still in the name • Even a vaccine that doesn’t work works • Greece opens! • Fantasy’s final resting place • The feds will figure out refunds • Wednesday U.S. recorded a COVID death every minute • Rumor of Seabourn, Cunard sale denied, of course • Youngsters infecting oldsters with COVID • Judge tells Carnival not to slack off on enviro during COVID •

Today’s Takeaways 7-29-20

NCLH extends suspension through October • VCL announces protocols for 2021 • Global tourism deals down by half • Pence met with video quacks • Businesses on guard for COVID-19 resurge • FMC butts into refunds issue • Greece is reopening •

Today’s Takeaways 7-28-20

Fantasy arrives at scrapper’s • RCG appoints medical officer • Bill Gates outs socmeds’ coronavirus conspiracy theories • Florida man buys Lamborghini with govt coronavirus funds • Now CDC asks for public input on cruise restart • Travel CEOs call for more COVID testing • Pimentel pontificates • Asian “cruise bubbles” a thing • Amazon selling dubious “antiviral” supplements •

Today’s Takeaways 7-24-20

But Det Norske Veritas kind of sounds like an infection! • What if the vaccines don’t work? • The travel restrictions, listed • One good thing COVID killed — the old muster drill • Carnival: Bahamas feedback “mixed” • Now those are true cruise fans • It doesn’t work, but at least it’s not bleach • Dogs can smell coronavirus on you • Fond Fantasy-class memories •

Today’s Takeaways July 23, 2020

Not just clean, Crystal Clean PLUS • Another COVID victim — class action lawsuits • Risks of common travel activities • 32% say they’ll travel less • P&O further suspends Australasian cruises • P.R. spike delays reopening • For $50k, it had better go All the way around the world • Princess extends suspension to December •

Today’s Takeaways: July 22, 2020

As Europe cruises restart, U.S. remains locked down • Goldstein’s making lemonade again • Royal, Celebrity extend cancellation policy • Cruisers: rollin’ on the river seems safer • Looking at NCLH’s liquidity • WTTC wants to keep travel restrictions local • Cruise bookings ‘astonish’ CDC official • Swan Hellenic’s back; Quark sports copters •